Why We Recommend Having a Google Street View – See Inside For Your Business?

Why would you need to invest for Website?
August 17, 2016

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular in today's tech-forward generation. Consumers are no longer satisfied in still images and are looking into virtual and immersive experiences.

Google being a pioneer in Technology understands this digital evolution and created a solution -- it's called Google Street View. In layman's term, this is basically a Virtual Tour uploaded on Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus. With this new Technology, people now have the opportunity to explore landmarks all over the world! Consumers now have the opportunity to see inside businesses (hotels, museums, arenas, restaurants etc. ) to walk and explore.

Why we recommend it?

IT’S INCREDIBLY POWERFUL AND CAN DEFINITELY HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS! Note that 80% of consumers search for information on Google any time during their purchase process. As a business, you have to make sure that you are widely searchable on Google when consumers search:


By having a 24/7 Virtual Tour and a Google business profile, you are able to reach out to more consumers because you can provide them relevant and complete information right away. This would help you to:

- Get more clicks to your website or Facebook page
- Become more geographically relevant for local searches
- Stand out among your competitors
- Interact with more potential customers

All these would result to business growth and expansion.

IT’S AN INNOVATIVE MARKETING TOOL. The marketplace is constantly evolving and changing. To be successful, you need to continuously monitor the TREND and INNOVATE or risk dying.

AFFORDABLE DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY for local businesses to implement (you don’t have to pay for hosting or monthly fees), easy to use service and has proven not only to increase the traffic but also to convert the traffic to customers (Sales).

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should implement Google Street View – See Inside. We have seen how it has helped different businesses in increasing their online presence and getting more customers. The big question is, can you really afford not to have this technology for your business?

If you’d like to know how we can help you, leave a comment below or contact us at info@vastresult.com. We are a certified Google Trusted partner with more than 2 years of experience with Google Street View locally and internationally. Not only we will create a high quality Virtual Tour for you, we will also optimize your business on Google so that customers can easily find you, no matter where they are and no matter what device they're using.

We wish you great success in expanding your business!

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