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August 28, 2018
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What is a website? a Website is a compilation of related web pages in a single domain published in one web server. Websites help to convey information of certain entities to their intended target audience. Businesses which require awareness from the public should build websites in order to be recognized. In today’s era where technology is prevalent, people rely on the internet to obtain information and websites provide it. Aside from information and online awareness, there are many benefits that websites can provide to a business.

1. Low cost
Websites could contain as many information about the business but still wouldn’t cost much than traditional forms of marketing.

2. Always accessible
Websites are always accessible to the public 24/7 and has no limited hours to access it. Aside from this, information about the business could also be monitored and posted from time to time.

3. Convenient
Unlike having to do all the struggles to visit a physical store, websites just need a single click to access a website. Plus, it can be done in any place, anytime and any gadget that could connect to the internet.

4. Marketing
Websites provide good marketing. When a potential customer decides to visit a website of a certain business and he or she finds it very informative, helpful and interesting, the customer may possibly patronize the business and its services. Another benefit of a website is that it could make a company top the search engine with the right keywords, content and information.
Remember also that a website could serve as the company’s image so how it is presented is always important. Websites should be user-friendly and visually appealing to the customer to attract them.

5. Sales
Some websites provides options where customers can purchase products. In this case, it converts traffic to sales.

6. Credibility
Websites provide a business the opportunity to make their customers trust them through testimonials and facts. Through website, the company increases its credibility. Websites could do this with the proper Web Design and Development.

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